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We are developing and producing various switched reluctance motors and controllers.
We are a professional and technically oriented team with a strong ability to develop new products and technologies.

We have independently developed technology of SR controller.
Our company has a R&D team witch has continuous experience of 12 years of 
switched reluctance motor. We have strong R&D capability.
We can develop special controllers with various performances and structures
according to user requirements.

Here are our basic capabilities:
Power coverage: 100W-300Kw
Voltage coverage: 42V-1200VAC or 2000VDC
Speed coverage: within 15KW and 120,000 rpm
At present, we can design high-speed switched reluctance motor
within 300KW , and actually produce high-speed motor
within 120000 rpm and 15KW.
These motors are used to drive separators, molecular pumps, router, auxiliary turbochargers,
 household appliances and other high-speed direct drive equipment.
We can develop and produce direct drive switched reluctance motors for various torque demanding equipment. 
Low speed and direct drive switched reluctance motor is well suited for use in cooling tower, ball milling, rotary equipment, stirring equipment and other fields.
We can develop and produce 40 rpm-400 rpm low-speed direct drive motor.
The energy-saving switched reluctance motor designed by us is a 12/8-pole 3-phase structure,
which is particularly suitable for equipment with changing load,
changing speed and light load, such as various pumps and fans.
The most typical applicable equipment is oilfield pumping machine, HVAC, valve pump, etc.

Power range: 1KW-400KW
Rated speed: 500-600-750-1000-1500-3000-4000-5000-6000-7000rpm
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Shandong Aici Drive Technology Co., Ltd. (Aici) is a professional technology company, focusing on the research, development
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